Marriage Advice I Wish I Had 10 years ago

(Last Updated On: November 12, 2016)

Marriage advice from an imperfect marriage? Maybe that’s really the only kind there is: Imperfect, full of flaws and failures, but with two people determined to keep their promises.

Yesterday we celebrated our 10th Anniversary! We’re not quite the wide-eyed dreamers we were when we said, “I do,” but we made it. And I’ve gained some wisdom I wish I’d learned much sooner.

The song that was playing in the background the day my husband proposed in April, 2006 (see our amazing romantic proposal video below!) was “Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts because our lives took convoluted paths to get to each other. But we were so grateful to have found someone to call home. As a military couple, home for us isn’t a place so much as it is our family.

Our wedding centered around the idea that two roads were becoming one journey; a wedding was just a day, but a marriage was a lifetime of love, joy, laughter, patience, forgiveness.

We both knew marriage would be challenging, but didn’t know how broken the road would be AFTER we said “I do.”

Bless the Broken road was our song, we didn't know it would be part of marriage too. Click To Tweet

We thought marriage would be bliss. We would finally be together after years of living in different states or different continents, but that wasn’t going to be the case.

Only weeks after he returned from his second deployment, we got married and had a couple of chaotic months together (wedding, moving, honeymoon and holidays) before he went away to various training schools.

Then we moved to a new duty station where he immediately began training to deploy while I worked full-time in a new teaching position.

Then he deployed again for a third year, and following his return, we underwent the adoption process while still trying to reintegrate as a couple, working around his training to deploy again.

He deployed again three months after our daughter was born. I was a “single” mom and he was in some of the darkest situations he had faced. And when he came home, the war did, too.

While grappling with the compounded effects of his four Iraq tours, we transferred to a new duty station with new challenges. He’s stateside, but works more than ever. And I’ve had health issue after health issue.

Marriage often took a backseat to just hanging on for dear life.

But the first piece of marriage advice I wish I had really known is that marriage isn’t the grand romance we envision the day we get married. It’s the romance in dancing through life together.

Marriage advice from an imperfect marriage? Maybe that's really the only kind there is. Imperfect, full of flaws and failures, but with two people determined to keep their promises.

Getting married wasn’t a solution to a problem. Expecting him to fill the broken places in my life was too much and unfair to him. It left us both feeling discouraged and empty.

Lamentations 3:24 ESV “The Lord is my portion,” says my soul, “therefore I will hope in him.”

God is my portion. My hope and faith has to be in Him not my husband or I end up having unreasonable expectations.

My husband might be my hero, but he can't be my savior. Jesus has to be 1st focus of my heart. Click To Tweet

Truly learning to put my faith and hope in the Lord has allowed me to see my husband’s humanity in a new light. I’m able to offer grace in a way I never could before.

The Holy Spirit intercedes in my heart daily. Thank heavens!

My husband is just the captain of our team. We have to remember to be a team before we can do anything else.

Which means treating each him with respect and kindness no matter what is going on. Life often can feel like an emergency, but not much of it really is so important that I don’t have time to take a deep breath and respond with love.

Being kind and gentle under stress prevents conflict and builds up your partner during difficult times.

Proverbs 15:1 ESV  A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

I am still learning this lesson. Every. Day.

But my choice is to respond to life, stress, and even a harsh response with softness and the peace of Christ.

Time after time, I’ve seen how gentleness can affect even the most difficult situation.

The next piece of marriage advice I wish I had learned sooner is so simple to say but much harder to do.

Most arguments can be solved in two words, not a thousand perfect ones.

I’m sorry.

Not three – “I’m sorry, but . . .”

This one is really difficult for my flesh. I want to explain away my bad behavior. I want to put the blame on someone else, or point that nasty wagging finger right at him, but the truth is . . .

There is only one thing I can control in the entire universe: me.

Most arguments can be solved in two words, not a thousand perfect ones. I'm sorry. Click To Tweet

I have learned to take responsibility for my side and that’s it. Leave it right there.

Nothing anyone does justifies acting poorly. It sometimes explains my failures, but never excuses.

More often than not, he responds by softening and apologizing because I didn’t demand it or accuse him.

Which leads to the next piece of marriage advice God has really been working in me.


We all want to be understood and respected. Taking the time to listen does both.

God has been working on me in this area a long time. I can demonstrate my husband is a priority in my life by focusing on him when he speaks. When I listen, I can hear his heart and share his joys.

I earn his respect in return because he knows that he is my priority.

Sometimes, I have to fight my selfishness when his desire to share with me interrupts my reading, television show, or just my busyness.

Again, God has challenged me to choose what to give my best attention to. Very rarely do I really need to ask him to pause and tell me later. Most of the time, I really can drop everything and listen.

Put your faith in the Lord, Respond kindly, Take responsibility for your side, and Listen.

And this advice holds true no matter how long you’ve been married.

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16 Replies to “Marriage Advice I Wish I Had 10 years ago”

    1. Dropping the but is so hard. But changes everything. I cannot understate the drastic difference I’ve seen in my husband when I just apologize. He works out his forgiveness of me and then can deal with his own behavior. Instead of defensive, it allows him to be compassionate.

    1. Our proposal video was so special! But like the post, the best part comes AFTER! I’ve learned so many things about being married. Everyday is something new – or a reminder to have more patience and grace!

  1. I am SO glad and thankful to God for allowing me to find your blog!!! I have been writing for a little over a year now and I can’t believe how God is bringing people into my life understand and say just the word I need to hear. I had to learn this lesson too, but yeah it is still a daily laying down of the flesh for sure. I teared up watching your video!! That looks like something my husband would have did. He loves surprises lol. I look forward to reading here more often. We were a military family too for 10 years and we home school our 3 kiddos. Thanks for sharing your lives and wisdom with us!

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