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A Father’s Day note to my daughter’s dad

You celebrate Father's Day, but often feel like you're not measuring up as a dad. So, I want to tell you all the ways you're getting it right with our girl.(Last Updated On: June 19, 2016)

Father’s Day is always challenging. You hate being celebrated. The expectations for dads have never been higher, and you often feel like you’re not measuring up. You’re too hard on yourself.

So today, I want to tell you all the ways you are getting it right with our sweet little girl.

She was both the child you were most prepared for and least ready for.

You knew the ins and outs of babies, but you weren’t prepared for the intense little girlness of her, for the effortless way she would wrap you around her pinky and be so totally different from your boys, full of ribbons and bows and imagination and drama!

This Father’s Day, I want to say I see the good job you’re doing.

I love watching her with you, the way she races to your arms the second you pull in the driveway, the way everything is better because daddy is home.

I love hearing you call her baby.

I love watching your gentleness with her, the way you play dress up with her or let her style your hair. Watching you read to her makes my heart full. I love hearing the inside jokes you share only with her. She has softened you in beautiful ways.

Expectations for Dad have never been higher. Love him. Tell him what he's doing right. Click To Tweet
Keep being her dad.

Keep taking her fishing, teaching her to cast and reel and bait her own hooks. Keep taking her to fly kites and pick berries. Keep walking her through the woods, teaching her which plants are safe, which broken branches show deer signs. From you, she learns to honor nature and respect the animals we eat.

Teach her to love adventures and to forget about her hair. Let her get muddy on your watch.

Teach her to love adventures and forget about her hair. Let her get muddy on your watch. Click To Tweet

Keep wrestling and tickling. You’re teaching her so much more than to laugh. Your loving play is teaching her that good men can be trusted. You are teaching her to set boundaries with her body and to defend herself.

Do you remember how special it is to watch TV with your dad, just the two of you? She already so enjoys curling up next to you and watching hunting shows together. You’re building loving memories and creating exciting future plans in her imagination.

You celebrate Father's Day, but often feel like you're not measuring up as a dad. So, I want to tell you all the ways you're getting it right with our girl.

Keep flying her around the house as long as you can. You’ve taught her to feel safe in your strength. And our crazy, dreamer girl will always remember you made her first impossible dream come ‘true.’

You deserve a great Father’s Day!

Keep teaching her all the things you do. From you, she learns animals and biology better than any high school lab. She learns to try every new food at least once, even sushi or spicy octopus. 😜

She watches you decide to learn something and do it, going from novice to expert in front of her eyes.

From you, she learns that work is how we have our nice home and good food. She sees you work hard as a soldier and at home. She will learn to work hard and expect that from others.

Dad's teach daughters so much, including how to be loved. Keep loving her unconditionally! Click To Tweet

Keep loving her unconditionally. Someday, too soon, she will equate how you loved her with how a man should love her. Keep building a great foundation with whisker kisses on her cheeks and bear hugs.

She believes you are a superhero. She is right.

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20 thoughts on “A Father’s Day note to my daughter’s dad

  1. A very beautiful post. Such a great way to honor him.

  2. A very heartwarming post 🙂

  3. “She believes you are a superhero. She is right.” This post warms my heart. You are both doing an amazing job as parents and as a couple. Thanks for sharing your story. Happy Belated Father’s Day!

    1. Aw, thank you! We are definitely a work in progress but we’re making progress so it’s all good

  4. This is such a sweet tribute. I clicked to tweet your quote about letting them get muddy. It’s awesome!

    1. Aw, thanks! Sometimes we forget little girls need muddy days too. She is tidy and cute most days; it’s good for her to have messy days too.

  5. What precious words. I’m so thankful for a dad who is truly a hero in my eyes.

    1. It is truly wealth to have such a father.

  6. Beautiful post, our men are trying very hard these days and deserve to be recognized too.

    1. They have lots of expectations their fathers didn’t have. Work all day and be hands on with the kids, be gentle and not tired or impatient. It’s hard after 15 hours at work and I know how hard he is trying to be all things to us!

  7. This is a beautiful way to honor him! Great post and pictures!!

  8. Simply beautiful. I think many fathers wonder if they are getting it right. They need our affirmation — and you did such a good job of that!

    1. Thank you. I could see how it warmed his heart to hear it all when I shared it with him.

  9. Wow I love this! I think its awesome that you encourage him in this writing. What a cute picture of them too.

  10. What a sweet post. He sounds like such a wonderful man. I love the pictures too!

    1. He has so many wonderful qualities that fatherhood has helped bring out.

  11. This is such a sweet post. Happy Father’s Day to him!

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