Adoption is part of my family’s story. I get a lot of questions about adopting. Some of the questions are about the practicals, like how to, and some are the emotional or parenting side of the equation.

I decided to start compiling my posts that specifically deal with adoption in one place to share our story, help others navigate their own adoption journeys, or educate people who want to understand the adoption process.

I didn't rescue her, she rescued me. She is my starfish and I am hers. This National Adoption Day we soak up our time together, knowing it is just a season.



National Adoption Day – My Starfish –Being an adopted mom made me – a mom.


Adoption Getting Started

Adoption – Getting Started  – how we began the process to adopt our daughter.


Paperwork Mountain


Adoption – the Paperwork Mountain-gathering all the mounds of necessary documents.

Adoption - The Cost



Adoption – The Cost – what to expect financially .


Seriously Harvard? was my first reaction to a friend's post about her super smart 6 yo. I had to get a grip. Was I really parenting for Harvard or Heaven?


Seriously Harvard?  was my first reaction to a friend’s post about her super smart 6 yo. Get a grip! Was I really parenting for Harvard or Heaven?

Love at first sight Heaven Not Harvard



Mothers Day about how being a mom isn’t only about carrying a baby, it is about raising a child, teaching lessons, letting go.


How do we set the right expectations for our parenting?



Guest Post – Adopted by God -Good Old Days Farm


Only the weaver can see the beautiful rug hiding in the mess of threads. Only God see the beautiful life he is weaving in me. Master Weaver - Heaven Not Harvard 


Master Weaver – Trusting God in the dark times and how He has used some of the hardest parts of life to bring me to the most amazing places.


Brown Eyes


Don’t Make Your Brown Eyes Blue – Falling in love with my adopted child who looks nothing like me, and wanting her to be confident being different and unique.


Dear Birthmom


Dear Birthmom is a open, raw, difficult letter of all the things I’d like to say to my daughter’s other mother.






6 Replies to “Adoption”

  1. What a great culmination of posts! I read a few and am really enjoying your blog. Thank you so much for sharing it on The Adoption Talk Link Up! Hope to see you again on the 5th.

  2. Oops! Just tried to comment but it didn’t seem to go through. Thanks for linking up with The Adoption Talk Link Up! I enjoyed reading a few of your posts on this page. Hope to see you again on the 5th!

  3. We have a lot in common. I, too, was an Army wife and have an adopted child. Adopting a child definitely makes you a MOM. I have biological children in addition to my adopted child. I have been running all over you site. : ) Thanks for the information. It’s helpful and heartfelt.

    1. Thanks for visiting! I appreciate the views! I’m still working on my links on Army Wife Life. You should check out my post When War Comes Home. Probably one of my recent favorites.

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