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My husband is in the army. During his last deployment in 2010-2011, I wrote about my experiences as a brand new mom and full-time teacher. I thought I would share some of the posts here and any new experiences as they come. Heaven Not Harvard - sharing the Army Wife Life experiences as a wife, mother and woman.

My experiences in this army wife life might not be your experiences, but they might be similar. You might not be a military spouse, but wonder what it’s like. Either way the posts I’ve chosen to share meant something to me or were really honest about my life.

The old posts are titled by number, counting down the days of a year-long deployment starting from the day before he left. Newer posts will just be titled.

Day 366 - Deployment Diary of an Army Wife - Heaven Not Harvard

I don't know what it is like to be deployed. I just know what it is like to say good-bye and be left behind. Day of the Deployed - Heaven Not Harvard



Day 366- The Night Before Goodbye





Day of the Deployed – Saying Goodbye



Honoring my husband by letting him have his own relationship with our daughter. She already has a mom, let him be her dad. Heaven Not Harvard



Let Him be her Dad



I went to bed last night giggling to myself because after years of marriage, long months of hard work, my husband takes me for granted. I have worked really hard to be beautifully, taken for granted.



Beautifully Taken for Granted

Heaven Not Harvard - learning how to see Valentine's Day in a new light in 50 shades of green



50 Shades of Green Valentine’s Day

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