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Don’t Waste Your Wait! You might have a Divine Appointment

(Last Updated On: May 7, 2017)

Are you open to a Divine Appointment or are you wasting your wait?

I have a confession to make.

I hate waiting! Like to a ridiculous degree. In my efficiency-minded, multi-tasking little head, waiting is wasted time. I could have been … cleaning, writing, homeschooling, etc. (read-at home in yoga pants!)

But I’ve let that mean that I’m always waiting to get ready until the last possible second, stressing everyone about getting out the door because I didn’t want to get places too early and waste MY time waiting. 

I didn’t see all the ways God could be using my waits.

Last fall, my husband convicted me about how this really affects everyone, and I realized my behavior wasn’t cute or flighty; it was sin. I was being selfish, and it was bad for me, for my family, for those waiting on me, for the drivers that share the road with me when I’m going too fast.

So much sin I needed to address in just one “little” area. But WHOSE time is it really?

Whose time is it anyway? Is MY time really mine? If I belong to God, isn't it all HIS time? Click To Tweet

Since then, I’ve been trying to do better about being intentional with my time and planning better.

Yesterday, instead of planning for my sweet-pea to be compliant and obedient, I planned for her to be six: to take two bites of breakfast and claim it was too cold, then she was full, then she couldn’t find her pants, and didn’t know which shoes matched her shirt. #MomLife

I built in an extra 30 minutes into our morning so we could stay purposeful and focused without raising my voice. It was worth getting up early for! 

Are you open to a Divine Appointment? or are you wasting your wait? Waiting is my least favorite thing, but God has shown me He has planned every step.

I was so excited I didn’t have to speed to get to my appointment on time. We took our time getting out of the parking garage. I practiced using the stairs to my appointment and still arrived almost 30 minutes early. 

I thought for sure we would get in and out quickly, being a fairly early in the day appointment and early for my appointment. But I brought a book I’ve been meaning to read and settled in to wait with a happy heart. 

My daughter went straight for the toy corner and started playing with the little boy she found there. 

They were playing nicely, so I opened my book to read. I would look up and smile at the mother as she was interacting with the kids, but I really wanted to read this parenting book. We’ve had some emotional challenges with my daughter and I want be informed.

I was resisting being social. I didn’t want to be unkind or unwelcoming, but I’ve been out a lot this week and my introvert was showing. So I kept making a friendly half-smile and going back to my book, but God had different plans.

Are you open to a Divine Appointment? or are you wasting your wait? Waiting is my least favorite thing, but God has shown me He has planned every step. FAITH | TRUST GOD

God had different plans for my wait.

As the wait grew longer, the children’s playing got more rambunctious. They needed some reminding to share and keep things beneath a dull roar. With both of us trying to redirect them, we began making eye contact, which lead to conversation. Turns out her son is homeschooled, in first grade, six almost seven, adopted, and struggling with the effects of a birth mother who struggled with substances.

It would be strangely coincidental if it weren’t for my belief in God’s plan for my every step.

Proverbs 16:9 ESV The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.

He had me right where I was supposed to be. He wanted me to meet this sweet Christian parent who is passionate about her children and homeschool and God. 

My wait wasn’t an accident, and it wasn’t wasted!

We discussed curriculum and resources. We shared adoption stories and parenting concerns. We fellowshipped as mothers and Christians. 

Are you open to a Divine Appointment? or are you wasting your wait? Waiting is my least favorite thing, but God has shown me He has planned every step.
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God planned that meeting. And through doing so helped my daughter and I both make new friends, but also reminded me that when I am obedient in the small things, His will is clear and apparent. 

My wait wasn't wasted, it was a divine appointment orchestrated by God! Click To Tweet

My appointment was delayed by almost an hour. But I couldn’t be upset when I could see I had really had two appointments yesterday. The first just wasn’t in my calendar – Divine Appointment!

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18 thoughts on “Don’t Waste Your Wait! You might have a Divine Appointment

  1. I love your post. They always make me view things in a different light.

    Also, this story brings me comfort in knowing that God always has perfect timing.

    1. Aww, thanks, Nikki!

  2. I love your outlook on having to wait an extra amount of time! It wasn’t time wasted, you definitely had a divine appointment lined up. So thrilled you didn’t miss it.

    May we all take this to heart and see our time as God’s time to work through us!

  3. I can’t tell you how much I loved this post. Very powerful reminder!!

    1. I’m glad. You can always sign up for my email list. I’ve got some homeschool and intentional homemaking posts coming up.

  4. Sometimes it’s so hard to trust God’s timing over our own but He knows all!

    1. He has the whole world in His plan while I can only see my tiny part.

  5. What an awesome story!! Thank you for sharing – I love seeing how God works when we chose to listen to Him and His desire for our days and this is such a great example of that.

  6. Love this story! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂 My “wait” has looked a bit different lately, but the same principle is true–it’s all HIS time and HIS plan.

    And even in the waiting and uncertainties God is so good and merciful to be drawing me nearer to Him.

    1. I’ve been waiting to feel better from hip surgery and learning a lot in that wait as well.

  7. What a great story! It’s amazing what God can do and how he brings people together who have so much to connect on!

    1. Love His providence!

  8. God always seem to work out all things for us in our lives!

  9. Some learning is harder than others but it’s important to have a teachable spirit, which you have. Blessings to you,! ❤

    1. We all need to have a teachable spirit

  10. God is so good in how He orchestrates all things. His timing is better than ours. That’s cool that you are learning to not be so rushed!

    1. His timing is always perfect!

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