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Easy Ways to Make the Bible Kid Friendly for Family Bible Week

It's Family Bible week! How do we make the Bible central in the lives of our children and home in a meaningful way that brings scriptures to life?(Last Updated On: May 12, 2016)

The Bible is the book we Christians would say is the most important in our homes, but how do we make it truly central in the lives of our children and home in a meaningful way that brings scriptures to life especially during Family Bible Week, May 6-13?

My daughter was given her first toddler board book bible before she could walk. We read the stories together regularly, although probably not as often as I wish we had. The days go by so fast!

But the real difference maker for my daughter was the Beginner’s Bible set. We played the CDs for her at nap-time and bed until they were skipping and nearly worn out.

I quickly uploaded them onto an old iPod, making the bible at my daughter’s fingertips whenever she wanted. Now, even at six, it’s a favorite.

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I was truly surprised at the number of times a week I would find her just playing with her toys while listening to her bible in her room. She loved hearing all her favorite stories.

Around four years old, she realized that the stories aligned with the paper pages we read together. It took her awhile to gain the developmental skill necessary to connect the exact story on the CD with the book and follow along, but she eventually did, which was exciting to watch spiritually and educationally.

Although, my focus is more on her salvation than education, she was learning about Jesus and how to read at the same time: Win-WIN!

Measuring Stick

She also loves the DVD versions of these stories. Many are available on YouTube if you want to preview them. She must have watched David and Goliath a hundred times.

Having this Beginner’s Bible in print, audio, and video utilized all the learning styles and gave her a wonderful foundation for understanding scriptures.

At 4, we added the Jesus Storybook Bible because I loved how it demonstrates all the stories actually point toward Christ. It’s not a bad resource for adult believers either.

While I’m currently researching her next bible/cd set, leaning toward the Adventure Bible, I also think it’s important to include the adult bible in our family (even when it might be beyond her developmental level).

How do I incorporate an adult version of the Bible into our family times?
  1. I read and study the bible myself. She needs to see me reading it and treating the bible with reverence in my daily life. Nothing I say will teach her more than what I do.
  2. I listen to the audio YouVersion bible app while we’re driving places and give her a chance to ask questions or I explain the importance of the passage on her level.
  3. I use verses and stories to teach her daily values and lessons about Christian living. We talk about prayer, consequences for her actions, how to serve, how to live together in Christian community.

Nothing is more important than sharing the Bible and Christ with my daughter. In addition to her own salvation, for which I pray often, her faithful life could affect the lives of so many.

God’s word is a lamp in a dark world. Turn it on for your family.

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23 thoughts on “Easy Ways to Make the Bible Kid Friendly for Family Bible Week

  1. I am going to download the Youversion Bible app. I didn’t know you could listen to it. What a wonderful way to get some time with my bible during my drive to work. I also agree that nothing will teach our kids more than what they see us doing.

  2. We love the Jesus Storybook Bible! I read it to my son when he was younger, and now I’m reading it to my daughter. It’s literally falling apart from so much handling over the years. I really enjoyed going through Egermeier’s Storybook Bible with both kids last year. It basically retells the entire Bible chronologically, in a kid friendly way. My son received the Adventure Bible in Sunday School last September, and he does pretty well reading from it during our morning devotional. The Beginner’s Bible is included as one of his 2nd grade readers in the curriculum we’re ordering for next school year, and I can’t wait to listen to him read that!

    1. I’ve never looked into Egermeier’s bible. I’ll have to look into that one.

  3. These are good tips for imbibing any kind of religious teaching to young impressionable minds. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love reading my Bible with my boys. I try to do my personal study out in the open too so that they have someone setting that example of getting into the Word daily.

    1. I think being an example is so important.

  5. That is awesome! I just had a friend in Bible study share how she was blown away by all the little details her 6-year-old was telling her that she had learned by reading and listening to her Bible on her iPad. So encouraging.

    1. I know it! My daughter is able to talk about the stories from the bible in such detail, it’s amazing!

  6. Sounds like you’re doing great! We’ve used several different Bible storybooks with our children. Now we read a short children’s devotional and a Bible verse before they go to school,and we read a longer passage at bedtime.

    1. I think that is a great way to transition!

  7. We loved the Jesus Storybook Bible too! In fact my 7 yr old reads it to the toddler often now. We also have enjoyed the adventure NIrV Bible – it’s usable for my older two for sure… as far as when I read to them, all of them, I’ve been using the ICB it’s understandable for a young child, yet still accurate. I do know that when we speak God’s word it does wonders for those who hear it…

    1. Is there an audio version of the NIrV? I really want that one, but I also want to update her audio options on her iPod.

  8. I feel like I’m failing at this…I try to read child devotions with my daughter but she prefers “Green Eggs and Ham”. I suggest Veggie Tales but she would prefer to watch Team Umi Zoomi or Bubble Guppies. We have the Bible Story app, but she prefers other, more exciting games. Maybe I should have started earlier? I could also do better on the example part. 🙂

    1. Start giving her choices of bible based activities or apps or shows. Gradually build more time in God’s word into all of your lives.

  9. My kids are grown but these sound like such useful Bible tools (and now I have a baby grandson so maybe we can incorporate some of these)! Thanks for sharing too that your young daughter really likes them….. we have to capture these kids at a young age!

    1. I’m doing my best! She also loves Christian children’s music from my generation like Psalty and Music Machine. Educational and Christian content is all we offer her.

  10. Beginners Bible – it’s SO easy and colorful for the kids!

  11. There’s this sweet Bible app the little girl I nanny for loves! The arent a Christian family so that is the way I teach her.

    1. My daughter loves the YouVersion Children’s Bible App when she can play it on my phone. Which app do you use?

  12. I’m guilty of not incorporating enough Bible stories into my children’s lives. However, I love your suggestion and I think I’m going to check these out! Great post!

    1. These are great and simple! I’m all about uncomplicating life. God doesn’t want us to stress out and sin trying to ‘do it all.’ I’m still learning how to set aside my priorities for His and not be on the next episode of Hoarders.

  13. I remember when I was younger, my parents would always make me watch “VeggieTales” & “The Donut Man” we had so many tapes lol! But it was definitely key in building my knowledge of God, the Bible and being Christian because it was just so simple and easy to understand. Moved on to the kid’s bible with the illustrations in them and that was even more helpful. Just making the Bible into something a kid would understand is so helpful because they’ll understand the meaning better when they grow up.

    1. Yes! Just today my daughter told me that she isn’t worried about tomorrow because tomorrow will worry about itself.

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