One of the most important and potentially most overlooked parts of parenting is our marriages. What our children see is what they will seek and imitate. Working on my marriage is certainly part of my journey in becoming a faithful woman of God.

These are some of my posts relating to marriage from serving my husband to learning to quit complaining to letting go of unreasonable expectations.

Serving my husband in secret, finding ways to love him quietly has changed my heart for him more than anything he could do.
The Secret Service

Heaven Not Harvard - learning how to see Valentine's Day in a new light in 50 shades of green


If real love does not insist on its own way, how much of the problems in my marriage are from failing to live this scripture. Heaven Not Harvard









Do we let unreasonable expectations get in the way of enjoying our real life? Heaven Not Harvard









Exploring the things I learned about my attitude and spirit when I changed my words.





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