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Preparing for Tooth Fairy Milestones

We hit the Tooth Fairy milestone this week. I was happily prepared for this, ready to mark the moment with some cute items that made it special for us both.(Last Updated On: December 4, 2015)

This week we hit a new big girl stage, the Tooth Fairy milestone.

I don’t know about you, but when we were waiting to be parents, I had a plan for the kind of mother I wanted to be. I was never going to neglect her baby book, every tiny memory would be included. I was going to mark every milestone.

Yeah, that lasted until the grandmas went home a few weeks into life with a baby. . .

So when the dentist told me her tooth was just a bit wiggly, I was thrilled to have the chance to prepare for this milestone, after spending a couple of weeks in denial, I found a couple of neat things that made it really special for us both.

Marking every milestone just didn't happen. Was thrilled to make this first loose tooth special for us both. Click To Tweet

I had plenty of time to choose how I was going to handle the Tooth Fairy. I polled all my friends to find out the going rate for teeth these days. Apparently $1-$5 is the norm. I happened to have a $2 bill and used that because it was something unique and special. I may buy a stack of them and use them each time as something only the Tooth Fairy brings.

When her tooth got to a point that the Tooth Fairy’s visit seemed imminent, I left a note from the Tooth Fairy and a book in her room one night. The note read, “I hear your tooth is loose. The first is special and deserves some extra treats. Be careful with it, and I’ll see you soon.” and I left her a book:

The Night Before the Tooth Fairy was a fun parody of The Night Before Christmas. It really helped prepare her to lose her tooth and got her excited about the Tooth Fairy. Her favorite part was “a spanking new dollar.” The imagery of a spanking dollar cracked her up! I also liked that the $$ from the Tooth Fairy was totally reasonable!

Then Tuesday night, it was finally loose enough I was worried about her accidentally swallowing it in her sleep. Despite some fearful histrionics, the tooth popped loose with a minimum of pain and blood. Then we were all smiles. We hit the Tooth Fairy milestone this week. I was happily prepared for this, ready to mark the moment with some cute items that made it special for us both.

She had a note prepared to send back with the Tooth Fairy and we tucked her tooth inside. I would recommend some sort of pouch or tooth fairy pillow, but I didn’t consider one until too late. We used a small ziploc bag.

Then she went to sleep and waited.

The Tooth Fairy left her $2 and a second book: Fancy Nancy and the Too-Loose Tooth. She loves Fancy Nancy. I love the challenging vocabulary and lessons about being honest, respectful, etc. In this story, Nancy tries and tries to lose her tooth at school to get a special tooth necklace, but loses it on the way to school instead. After wrestling with her conscience, she finally confesses. The teacher and nurse decide losing your tooth in transit counts as at school. Nancy is honest and get to keep her necklace.

The best thing I bought is this precious Baby Tooth Album. It has a specific space for each tooth, a place to write the date lost, and is a secure place to store the teeth, whether you choose to celebrate the tooth fairy or not, it is a sweet keepsake, that is easy to use and will help you keep your resolution to capture all the loose tooth milestones.

I count this as one small victory for the poorly maintained baby book.

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22 thoughts on “Preparing for Tooth Fairy Milestones

  1. My oldest daughter is anxiously awaiting her first loose tooth. These are great ideas. I hope to make it special. Kudos to you for making it so!

    1. Thanks! She loved the books. Someday when the tooth fairy presents her tooth album, she will love it too.

  2. Gone through this this past summer with my 6 year old. She overly excited about trying to catch the Tooth Fairy putting the money under her pillow. 🙂

    1. Mine was warned that she wouldn’t come if she was awake! Wonder how long that she will be happy to trust before she starts trying to peek.

  3. What a precious little toothless smile! I love the way you celebrated the first tooth losing milestone!

    1. Thanks! We already prepping for #2!!! She is going to be wealthy and enjoying jello through a straw at this rate!

  4. oh how fun! Losing the first tooth and the others is such a wonderful experience. Those memories will be fun ones!

    1. They just pass so much faster than all the years of waiting for her did. Slow down time!

  5. That’s a fun way to celebrate the tooth fairy. Our boys don’t believe in the tooth fairy, but they still like to get coins under their pillow.:)

    1. I don’t believe either, but wouldn’t mind coins under my pillow either! LOL

  6. These milestones can certainly be bittersweet! I have saved my children’s teeth in little boxes, then I realised I never marked them and the boxes look the same, so there went my idea to keep them all nice for memories!! We never did the tooth fairy, but we did give them a little money for their teeth. 🙂

    1. We treat the tooth fairy like Santa, fun, but not really real like Jesus.

  7. What a great approach to the tooth fairy! This is something that’s coming up soon with our oldest. Food for thought for sure.

    1. Came about a year earlier than I was expecting. Goes so fast

  8. How cute is she? What a fun milestone!!

    1. Thanks! We think she is pretty cute!

  9. That’s a cute approach to the tooth fairy. In our house, the boys got more for the 1st tooth than the others.

    1. I figured the two books and notes made it more special, I’m still undecided if I will do the $2 bill each time. I have one more on hand, so I have one if I need it. She has a second wiggler already.

  10. We are still very anxiously awaiting the tooth fairy over here – my oldest is the last of his friends to lose one! I love the $2 bill idea.


    1. My daughter was one of the first! I thought I had more time! 😱

  11. What cute ideas! Sometimes these milestones are kind of bittersweet when they remind us how fast they are growing up. I have worried I’d wake kids up as I reach way under their pillow to find that tooth!

    1. They sure are bittersweet! I half joked I was going to super glue her teeth in. But then the new tooth was coming in whether I liked it or not . . .

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