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A Secret Gem in Learning Websites for Kids

Finding excellent learning websites for kids can be trial and error, so when I find a secret gem, wonderful and worth paying for, I want to share it!(Last Updated On: August 5, 2016)

Finding excellent learning websites for kids can be trial and error, so when I find a secret gem, wonderful and worth using, I want to share it!

It’s back to school time and parents everywhere are hoping to empower their children to rock this school year.

Whether your children do school at home or in a more formal setting, we all want our kids to learn and love to learn, but we don’t always feel qualified or capable to help.

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Even as a certified high school teacher, educating my own child can be a bit overwhelming. Did I cover all the skills she needs? What if I miss something? Did I give her enough practice? and am I doing this right? (Especially in math, my own weakest subject!)

Learning websites for kids can be a wonderful way to supplement your child’s education and give educators peace of mind.

But there are so many!

A google searchย  of ‘learning websites for kids’ literally brings back 33 million search results.
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As we finished kindergarten, I was searching for online assessments to make sure my daughter’s skills were on target and saw one of IXL’s banner ads.

IXL is the world’s most popular subscription based learning site for preK-12.

But I had never heard of it.

When I looked at their site and sample questions, I was hooked.

All the practice drills are separated by the exact skill being measured, so I always know what the question is really testing. When she finishes a subject area, I can see her usage, trouble spots, question log, and progress.

And she reveals awards for every skill completed successfully, like virtual surprise stickers, which are a great motivator!

Finding excellent learning websites for kids can be trial and error, so when I find a secret gem, wonderful and worth paying for, I want to share it!

I contacted them at once about reviewing their site. They did offer me a subscription so that I could try all their features for the review, but I plan to pay for a continuing membership – this site is THAT good!

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Each grade level subject area is broken down into sequential skills that scaffold toward the next skills, so I never have to worry that she has missed a crucial lesson or doesn’t understand a concept.

Educator geek out -Every grade, pk-12, has its subjects correlated to your state’s standards. Simply choose your state from the map or drop-down box.

I found very little not to love about IXL. My primary criticism is pre-k, kindergarten and first grade do not have all four core subjects available at this time, but I know they are working on adding them.

Having all the answer choices adjusted to fit the screen would limit the need to scroll, especially when it isn’t clear how many choices there are. Additionally, I wish when she clicked on “keep practicing,” she was immediately directed to the next skill instead of back to the rather formal looking list of skills.

But these are very minor concerns for me.

Why is this worth paying for?

IXL’s learning website is excellent for students who don’t always fit perfectly into one grade level box. We have access to all subjects and grade levels with our subscription.

Also, the content is varied, so students don’t see practice questions repeated, which means you can know your student has really learned a skill, not just memorized the correct box to check.

They even have an iPad app. I believe, iPhone and Android are in the works.

Value – While some free sites offer some of this content, none that I’ve found offers this level of quality or comprehensiveness in all the varied subjects as does.

Other web-based educational sites can cost $19.95 or more per month, for less than the equivalent of 4 months of those subscription services, we can get an entire year to learn and practice.

Classroom Teachers

IXL is expertly created to be internally and externally validated as a skills practice and assessment tool.

All that time trying to sort data from assessments to see how my students are doing is done for me, by the site. IXL breaks down which question or question type students are failing, as well as what percentage of students have achieved mastery or proficiency.

Additionally, IXL has a professional community to offer support and suggestions for using the site.

Lastly, my daughter loves it. She really enjoys playing on the site. She is excited about learning, revealing her awards, and having fun.

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28 thoughts on “A Secret Gem in Learning Websites for Kids

  1. We love IXL! Our school has a subscription that we can access at home. This website has tremendously helped my daughter with memorizing math facts. She went from completing less than 10 problems in 3 minutes to completing 30 in 2 minutes, from just practicing for one week on IXL!

    1. WOW! That is awesome! Mine is gaining speed on her flashcards too.

  2. and how exciting it is for the parents when they find that the kid gets it!

    1. It was always my favorite part as a teacher too!

  3. I am planning to homeschool my children, and will have to remember this one! Thanks for the resource!!

    1. Homeschooling resources like this help tremendously!

  4. We use this site too! I don’t have a subscription…yet. We also really like Khan Academy ( It’s donation based, the content is excellent and the mission aligns with ours. For math, we use Math-U-See which has something for every learning style. The boys really like it and we don’t move on until they can teach it to us. If I had learned math through this program, I might not have dreaded math class!

    1. I have heard good things for Math U See. And I like Khan too.

  5. I actually used IXL for a year. We loved it. Kids really enjoyed it and thought of it as having fun more than doing work. Thanks for reminding me how great this learning tool is. I’ll have to sign up again. I love that for each additional child you save money. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. That is good information to know! I only have one child, but families with multiples will appreciate knowing that!

  6. This sounds great, and so affordable!

  7. Thanks for the review. I will be looking into this site. I have the same fears with homeschooling my daughter. Thankfully, my husband works as a tutor and will be teaching in the public school system this year; he’s so encouraging and telling me our daughter is learning.

    1. It is always nice to get affirmation that we’re doing okay, isnt’ it!

  8. Oh my so much research and information I needed this months ago. Thank you for sharing this!

  9. Very neat! I will share this with my sisters in law who have children in pre-K. I’m assuming this isn’t Common Core ๐Ÿ™‚ I like the virtual rewards. It doesn’t take much to please children!

    1. It is aligned with the common core standards which I like since my homeschool curriculum is not. This way I make sure she is getting math two ways. But so far everything has been very clear and easy to follow

  10. It sounds like a really great learning tool that is fun! I like that parents can see the areas where kids are having issues.

  11. I have seen the IXL ads many times but always kept checking them out for later. You post gives me reason to give them a try. Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Good! I really think this site it well worth the time and investment.

  12. This review was so thorough! I’m going to check this out. Thank you for reviewing this!

    1. Thank you. There was so much to say, I tried to keep it concise and relevant.

  13. Wow I am not too familiar with IXL but it definitely looks beneficial. I will have to pass this on to my homeschooling mama’s as well. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. I know! No one else has heard of it. So crazy that more people aren’t using it!

  14. Sounds like a really great idea for parents with kids!

  15. Thanks for sharing! Looks very helpful.

  16. 33 million? I had no idea. Whew. glad you shared your secret!

    1. That is a lot to wade through!

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