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Emergency Call to Action – Please Pray Jeremiah with Me

Please Pray - Our nation is in a state of emergency. We face, perhaps, the most pivotal moment in our nation's trajectory. And it all seems like it is spinning out of control.

Please Pray – Our nation is in a state of emergency. We face, perhaps, the most pivotal moment in our nation’s trajectory. And it all seems like it is spinning out of control.

I am completely at a loss and grieved deeply by the state of America.

Not just because of these two presidential candidates who are decidedly unpresidential, but because our nation is so wholly corrupt. We have, as a people, turned from God and pursued our own desires.

And through our rejection of our Heavenly Father, we have elected corruption and selfishness in the government, chosen it for our entertainment, invited it into our schools.

So what do we DO?!?

Many of my Christian friends are with me, throwing our hands up, desperately answering, I don’t know!

Then, I saw this clipping circulating on Facebook asking us to please pray together every night for one minute at 8 p.m. Central/9 p.m. EST as a collective body of believers for America.

Please pray with me for America. We are in a state of emergency that needs real intercession. Join me every night.

And I felt God reminding me to only take responsibility for my obedience, not the weight of the world. Responsibility for the direction of our nation, of our world, is truly His.

Do you have one minute a day to join me? #PleasePray the scriptures thru Nov. 8th Click To Tweet

All I can do is get on my knees and humbly ask God to fix this mess we’re in, repent of my sins and seek His face.

More than ever, I am aware of the powerful access to God we have in prayer. Many Christians of our generation do not fully understand this spiritual weapon. We’ve been raised in an era of absolute self-reliance and concrete thought.

But when we focus only on what we can see, prayer can seem like empty words; however, God’s word is full of promises concerning prayer and His word does not return void.

Isaiah 55:11 ESV / So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.

Many times in the Old Testament, God’s judgment was changed through prayer. Jesus rebuked demons, clearly instructing the disciples in the power of prayer and fasting.

Reading John 17, realizing that Jesus was praying for ME is such a humbling experience.

Jesus prayed, and He prayed for US.

Jesus prayed for those God gave Him to be delivered from evil though we won’t be removed from the world. He prayed that we would be ONE as believers. Jesus prayed our Father would sanctify us and that His love would be in us so we can make Him known to the world.

America has lost its way as the shining light to the world. We are not unified as one body of believers, but divided by denominations and preferences that we let take priority over God’s truths and grace.

If we expect God to heal our nation, we have to go to him.

Please Pray - Our nation is in a state of emergency. We face, perhaps, the most pivotal moment in our nation's trajectory. And it all seems like it is spinning out of control.

John 16:23 ESV / Truly, truly, I say to you, whatever you ask of the Father in my name, he will give it to you.

So I am praying nightly for America, trusting in God’s will, because I know He is weaving an eternal tapestry far beyond my ability to grasp.

Ephesians 1:10 ESV / As a plan for the fullness of time, to unite all things in him, things in heaven and things on earth.

But sometimes, especially when something is really important, I struggle to find the right words, even words to pray.

Then, providentially, my bible reading plan has me in Jeremiah for the rest of this month and into November.

As I listen to the words of God calling to His people who are so far from Him, so crooked and wicked in their ways, I can’t help but recognize America in these words.

Please Pray - Our nation is in a state of emergency. We face, perhaps, the most pivotal moment in our nation's trajectory. And it all seems like it is spinning out of control.

I can’t explain it, but I feel this intense tugging to forget praying my words or my ideas and simply pray God’s words back to Him. I even heard a reminder of this message this week about the power of praying the scriptures.

So last night, I fell on my face, with my Bible open to Jeremiah and began to pray portions of the verses that were ministering to my heart.

Lord, you knew me before you formed me in my mother’s womb, but I do not know how to speak as I am still such a child, put your words in my mouth. We have forsaken You, and worshiped the works of our own hands. Make us today as a fortified city, that our enemies will not overcome us, for You are with us. We have walked after emptiness and became empty. You brought us to a fruitful land that we defiled and made an abomination. Your people have changed Your glory for that which does not profit. We have done this to ourselves by forsaking the Lord our God.  Our wickedness will correct us. O let our generation, heed the word of the Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen (excerpted from Jeremiah 1:4-9, 18-19; 2:5, 7, 11, 17, 19,31 ESV using first person pronouns)

Who wins the election isn’t my concern. God will still be King. But God will change us in these prayers. He will work in our hearts and guide our steps. And He may have mercy on America yet.

I won't tell you who to vote for, but I can tell you who wins. #GodisKing #PleasePray with me. Click To Tweet
Please pray, we have 25 nights left to pray before we have a new President.

I plan to pray portions of Jeremiah every night. If we pray the above prayer tonight and select verses from chapters 3-4, then just two chapters a night through November 8, you can pray through the entire book of Jeremiah before the election is over, even as the votes are counted.

We need God to convict this nation of our collective sins and lead us to repentance. I am praying for Him to open the gates of Heaven, flooding us with the power of the Holy Spirit, to draw our people back to Him. I am praying for wisdom and clarity so that I know how to be faithful where God has called me to act.

Please pray with me each night. Set an alarm on your phone.

Pray a verse or two from Jeremiah, pray a psalm, or simply call out to God. Some of the most powerful prayers have no earthly words.

Please share this prayer challenge so we can collectively beseech God to intercede for America.

1 Corinthians 12:7 ESV / To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.

When we repent and pray, the Holy Spirit can work mightily in us for the common good. America has never needed it more.

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For some deeper understanding about this topic, I would send you to this timely sermon by one of the most anointed preachers today. This sermon has so many truths for us as believers and Americans.

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Life isn’t Fair, Broken Balloons, and a Good Father

"Life isn't fair!" she sobbed from the backseat, holding her broken balloon. "I wanted to show my daddy!" And in that moment my minivan became a place of ministry to both of us.

“Life isn’t fair!” she sobbed from the backseat, holding her broken balloon. “I wanted to show my daddy!”

And in that moment my minivan became a place of ministry to both of us.

We were sitting in the van following PWOC, a wonderful military-related fellowship and bible study program.

They have fantastic childcare with bible lessons for our children. I’m not sure what part the balloons played in their lesson, but my sweet girl had been SO excited to show me her ‘hugantic’ balloon.

She blew it up all by herself and had the biggest balloon in her class!

What she couldn’t understand was how inflating her balloon to that size had weakened its structure. Sure enough, moments after getting seated, a tiny hole appeared and then another, and the balloon began to deflate before her eyes.

“Why did MY balloon break? The other kids’ balloons didn’t break!” She wailed.

In a way that only a young child’s heart can, it broke with disappointment. Tears poured down her cheeks and she shook with sobs. She held the tiny balloon corpse in her palm as if begging me to resuscitate it.

Despite being unable to perform balloon CPR, I had such compassion for her broken heart. I immediately remembered a post from Minivan Ministries about teaching our children to bring their needs to God in prayer.

So I told her to just start praying. Talk to God like He is right here with us. Tell Him how you feel and ask Him to help you. With her tiny little voice still breaking between shallow breaths and sobs, she prayed.

"Life isn't fair!" she sobbed, holding her broken balloon. "I wanted to show daddy!" In that moment my minivan became a place of ministry to both of us.

“Dear God, I am really disappointed. I wanted to show my daddy my balloon and it broke. And it isn’t fair. Please help me get my feelings under control. I am so sad.”

A few moments later, “Mom, it didn’t work!” She said, still clearly upset.

Honey, you can’t pray like it’s magic. You have to let God work in your heart. Sometimes, he doesn’t change the situation, but changes us in it.

Prayer doesn't work like magic. Sometimes God doesn't change the situation, but changes us. Click To Tweet
“But life isn’t fair,” she said again.

and I said, “You’re right. It isn’t. And aren’t we so grateful for that?”


All the kids were given balloons. Some balloons were perfectly inflated. A few balloons had already popped explosively. Some kids had sad, little, barely inflated balloons. One tiny girl adorably was still walking around sputtering with all her might into a stubbornly flat balloon. No two were the same.

And I immediately saw myself.

Life isn’t fair! Why don’t I have the perfect house, family, body, life?

We all get balloons, but they aren’t the same because we all make different choices and because God has different plans for each of us.

My imperfect body has taught me humility. I’ve learned find my comfort and identity in Christ alone. My imperfect house has reminded me that my eternal home is the one I need to focus on. My imperfect family has reminded me how much I have still to learn about grace and how to love.

I was reminded how wonderful it is that life isn’t fair.

How wonderful it is that life isn't fair, that God extends His grace and love when we don't deserve them. Click To Tweet

I began the drive home and explained,

Oh, my sweet love, we celebrate that life isn’t fair because Jesus paid our price. God’s grace and forgiveness are things we don’t deserve because of our sin, and yet He gives them freely because of His great love for us.

As we talked, I could hear the tone in her voice change. Her disappointment faded, and she realized that it wasn’t truly the end of the world.

But that wasn’t the end of the story either.

I texted my husband about how disappointed she had been about showing him her HUGE balloon. He was going to be home after she went to bed, and I wanted to share this bittersweet moment with him.

When he did get home, he barely said hello, rushing past me towards her room. A few minutes later, he came out smiling.

“What did you do?” I asked.

“I bought her a jumbo balloon. She just finished blowing it up.”

And it’s ORANGE! she shouted from her room. Orange is her favorite color.

What a good father!

Minutes before closing, after a very long day, he raced into our local store to buy her a balloon.

I cannot tell you how that moment ministered to my heart. I saw God working in her life, giving her back a moment she lost (and a new balloon), answering her minivan prayers through her dad.

Watching my husband love her like that was a gift from my Father for me because I pray over their sweet relationship.

If this is how a human father loves his children, how much more will He have good gifts for us! Click To Tweet

I also heard God reminding me if this is how a human father loves his children, how much more will He have good gifts for us.

Matthew 7:11 ESV / If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!

And I’m so grateful that life isn’t fair.

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How to Pray on this National Day of Prayer

Today is the National Day of Prayer, but I'm a little overwhelmed by our nation today, and wanted to share what I found when I sought God's wisdom today.

Today is the National Day of Prayer. My daughter was born on the National Day of Prayer a few years ago, which has made it special for me even when it doesn’t fall on her birthday. I always take time to pray today.

With everything in the news #NeverTrump and #DropOutHillary and #BoycottTarget, ISIS, Planned Parenthood, and earthquakes worldwide, I feel overwhelmed.

How do I even begin to pray on this National Day of Prayer?

Just begin. That’s it.

Romans 8:26 ESV / Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.

We don’t have to know what to say. Fancy words are nothing to the King who knows our every thought, just lift up your voice and pray with a worshipful and humble heart.

Don't know where to start to pray this National Day of Prayer? Just starting is a start. Click To Tweet
What should I pray for?

Pray for our nation. This year, our nation feels antagonistically polarized. America’s history is complex and muddy, but started on the premise that people wanted to worship God in deeply meaningful and personal ways. We need to be in prayer that Christians will truly focus on knowing and seeking God’s will above all other agendas.

2 Chronicles 7:14 ESV / If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

Pray for the church. The church is the body of Christ, every believer everywhere, not just the buildings we attend for fellowship. Pray Godly leaders are bold enough to speak the truth and for flocks to embrace convicting and sound teaching.

2 Timothy 4:3 ESV / For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions,

Pray for humble Christians to know the difference. It’s easy to listen to someone preaching what you already do or think is okay. It’s hard to choose to hear someone who challenges you to walk away from everything that isn’t pursuing God.

Today is the National Day of Prayer, but I'm a little overwhelmed by our nation today, and wanted to share what I found when I sought God's wisdom today.

Pray for your pastor and personal church here by name. I love how praying for someone softens my heart and opens me to loving them or seeing how I can fill a need.

Pray for your personal walk. Praying for myself is something I’ve struggled with, but the prayers that have changed my world the most were the prayers that asked God to change ME the most.

The prayers that changed my world the most were the prayers that asked God to change ME! Click To Tweet

I pray to have God’s perspective in my daily life. Having His vision for my marriage, my home, my parenting takes the SELF right out of the equation and lets me give my fears and struggles to Him.

I pray for time to be in God’s world daily, to strengthen my faith and convictions, to help me understand how to put on the armor of God in all things.

Above all things I pray for humility and wisdom.

James 1:5 ESV / If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.

Because when I come to the foot of God’s throne with abject humility in my heart, I find His peace, love, & grace. Everything else fades away.

2 Corinthians 1:11 ESV / You also must help us by prayer, so that many will give thanks on our behalf for the blessing granted us through the prayers of many.

Paul knew the power of many people praying together.

I hope we can join in prayer together today. Please, share your prayer requests in the comments.

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War Room – 3 Reasons Christians Should Watch

If you didn’t race to see War Room the week it was released and now aren’t sure you want to – Are you wondering why waste your precious quiet hours after bedtime on anything other than Hallmark’s countdown to Christmas?

Let me share my thoughts on War Room as a movie enthusiast, Christian, and mom who rarely gets to watch a movie in its entirety.

3 Reasons Christians Should Watch – WAR ROOM

1. It is Christ centered.

If you’re choosing between this and reading the Bible, pick the Bible!

But if you’re choosing between this and Scandal or Walking Dead, then put your focus on things worthy of attention (Phil. 4:8)

Mainstream media has become a toxic waste dump with more and more plot lines that are anti-God, portraying Christians as hateful hypocrites.

So, if you’re going to watch something, and most of us do . . .

Watch something that builds God up, that puts His name in our homes and on our tongues.

The last few weeks, my daughter and I have been watching Little House on the Prairie. At least the first seasons, most of the theology is sound. The characters face real struggles between believers, with sin, are counseled against pride and revenge. God and Jesus are mentioned regularly.

And I’m blown away that this show used to be on secular network television!

If we want more Christian media, we have to support Christian media. War Room is produced by Christians, the actors are Christians, the plot and story line focus on God and prayer.If you didn't rush out to watch War Room when it was released, and aren't sure you want to now, let me share 3 Reasons Christians Should Watch War Room.

2. Prayer matters

While many Christians struggle with some of the contrivances of the film,  (i.e. life is not often so neatly solved, and God doesn’t always answer our prayers in an easy or painless way), we can all suspend reality some for an overwhelmingly positive message about the importance of prayer. Jesus used fictional stories to instruct and inspire, called parables.

  • Many new believers considered prayer important for the first time.
  • Many non-believers heard God’s message through this film and Christian discussions.
  • Many Christians renewed their focus on prayer after this film.

I went home and made a WAR ROOM, did you?

And I’ve personally seen amazing answers to prayer in my own life. In our adoption journey, I literally wept and prayed about waiting for a child. When I finally prayed, “God it is your timing and I trust you. I will wait and accept your answer, even if it is NO” – I got a call less than two hours later we had been matched with a baby girl.

Sometimes God works in fantastical ways because He wants us to see miracles still happen.

3. It is GOOD.

All the main characters were convincing and human. It’s about a marriage struggling to survive modern life, a necessary message in our quick-to-quit society.

I laughed out loud a lot, like coke-up-the-nose laughter.

I cried. I went with the young woman I mentor in Christ, and we held hands, tears running down our cheeks through the ending.

Would all these events fit realistically into one person’s life within a few weeks? Probably not, but I felt much of the theology was sound, the movie was wholesome and truly entertaining in a time when finding both is nearly impossible.

And any movie that puts God and prayer at the center of the story is one I’ll be watching, what about you?

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A Kiss and a Prayer

How are we okay with this fragile life? How do we say goodbye without any guarantee? with A Kiss and a Prayer - Heaven Not Harvard

As a wife and mom, my going out after dark days are mostly behind me, but last night, a friend and I decided to live dangerously. We went to see War Room at 7:15 and have dessert afterward.

For two mommies of littles, it was going to be a late night. We were out past 10, yo!

As I was getting ready to walk out the door, it occurred to me I had no guarantee I would come home. Our highway into town is notoriously dangerous, especially in the dark.

None of us are guaranteed a tomorrow. Always say goodbye with a kiss and a prayer. Click To Tweet

I could be walking out this door for the last time. I wasn’t maudlin, just mindful.

Even though I had been racing to leave, I looked at these two precious people and paused. I took a deep breath and looked into my daughter’s eyes, “I love you, baby girl.”

Then I walked around to my husband, I held his face, kissed him and thanked him for watching our daughter so I could go out. He kind of poo-pooed me, like it’s his job, but I was grateful. His job and life are so hard that when he takes time to do things for me, for us, it is truly a big deal.

I left with a kiss and a prayer.

As I walked out to the car, I didn’t know what led me to that moment, but I prayed for God to remove any worry from my heart, and to keep reminding me what a fragile life we lead so I truly treasure each moment. I thanked Him for the peace of knowing that whatever I had done or been up until that moment was all I could do, and started the car.

The drive to the theater and home were without incident. I was more mindful of my blind spots and speed than typical, but nothing happened. The house looked exactly like it had when I left. The kiddo was zonked out.

I cradled her head and kissed her face, silently praying, “Thank you for bringing me safely home, Lord.”

How are we okay with this fragile life? How do we say goodbye without any guarantee? with A Kiss and a Prayer - Heaven Not Harvard


And I went to bed. The next morning, my daughter woke up early and came stomping into our room.

“Why didn’t you check on me last night?” Her little nose crinkled in dramatic anger, playfully thrusting her tiny fists at her sides.

“Of course I checked on you. I always do. After turning off your fish tank light, music and lava lamp, I kissed your face and hugged you. I tried to wake you, but you were out!”

She was mildly appeased. “Well, okay, but I wanted you to wake me up because I was praying you would make it home safely.”

Oh, my heart! To hear her taking her worries to God just like I did was such a humbling moment.

I smiled, and said, “me too,” wrapping her in my arms, savoring the feel of her cheek against the hollow of my throat.

Someday, it will be the last kiss. I have to live everyday as the best witness I can. Click To Tweet

Someday, I will kiss her and her father good-bye for the last time. It might be tomorrow, five years from now, or 40. I won’t ever know when, so today has to be enough to show her who I am in Christ and so she will always knows how much I loved her.

1 John 3:18 ESV  “Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.”

When that day comes, I want to know I loved her in deed and truth well enough to give her the most important thing I’ve ever found, a faith in God.

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