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What Mom did while you were sleeping . . .

Mom, you've crept across that toy littered floor to your child's bedside to watch them sleeping. But do they know all mom did while they were sleeping?(Last Updated On: August 22, 2016)

If you’re a mom, you’ve crept across a toy littered floor to your child’s bedside to watch your baby sleeping. You’ve smoothed stray locks, wiped warm foreheads, and whispered I love you one more time. Those are savored memories, stowed away treasures.

But our kids have no idea. Most of the time, they sleep right through these moments that only we hold.

The childhood of my daughter, for whom I waited and waited, is beyond precious to me. And like a wonderful novel, I’m constantly balancing between wanting to savor every page and racing to see how it all turns out.

Because someday, she will be an adult and sleeping somewhere else, I wanted to freeze these memories in my heart, for her to know how much I treasure these midnight moments.

Every night while you were sleeping, the last thing I do before bed is kiss you once more.

While you were sleeping . . .

I have kissed your face about 87 million times, conservatively.

I have wished I could hold you one more time without waking you up. And then picked you up anyway.

If kids knew the things moms do while they're sleeping. How many kisses you have slept thru. Click To Tweet

When you were not quite a toddler, I would pick you up and rock you in the glider, trying to memorize the weight of you on my shoulder, the way sleep makes your face even more perfectly angelic.

Sometimes, it didn’t break my heart if you woke up and I got to soothe you back to sleep.

I have cried over how fast your babyhood went and simultaneously celebrated your miraculous growing up.

I’ve held your hands, marveling at your still chubby baby fingers on little girl hands.

I have wished you were still small enough to scoop up and snuggle. And then picked you up anyway again.

While you were sleeping, I’ve heard your murmured voice and listened in on your dreams. Some nights your face has danced with smiles, but others was covered in tears.

I’ve whispered brave words against the monsters and nightmares, Mommy’s right here. You’re safe.

Mom, you've crept across that toy littered floor to your child's bedside to watch them sleeping. But do they know all mom did while they were sleeping?

I've listened to your dreams, picked you up, covered you in brave words against the nightmares. Click To Tweet

I’ve smelled your head: deep breaths of baby, toddler, little girl. Scents of baby powder and lavender were replaced by green apple and watermelon, then cotton candy.

I’ve sung to you. You are a promise . . . you are a possibility and Sunshine, you are my sunshine . . .

You always need more tucking in, because this blanket is thrown one direction, that sheet wrapped around one foot, pillow on the floor.

I’ve taken pictures of the myriad strange ways I’ve found you.

Almost 2, you snaked your hand through the crib slats to reach the hamper, pulling on an additional pair of pajama pants halfway. Then fell asleep, wearing both pairs.

Mom, you've crept across that toy littered floor to your child's bedside to watch them sleeping. But do they know all mom did while they were sleeping?

Once, you scared me to death by not being in your bed; however, I found you in the far corner under it, behind a carefully constructed wall of toy bins.

Perpetually, you sleep like a chalk outline on a detective show. I would need a chiropractor to get out of bed.

Your room magically has been cleaned while you were sleeping.

I’ve reorganized the toys and books that have mysteriously found themselves out and about post-goodnight and wondered about the late-night adventures you were having. Teddy bears wearing costumes sitting with dinosaurs at a picnic or a pile of books next to your nightlight.

I’ve stepped on magic wands, doll high heels (and I thought Legos were bad), and stubbed my toe on a mis-timed step past the glider. Do you know how hard it was not to yell?

Some nights, just needing to share your quiet space, I’ve sat in the glider reading a book, listening to your sweet snores.

But mostly, while you were sleeping . . .

I have prayed over you.

I have prayed for your life, your health, your heart, your salvation. Praying for five minutes more of patience than you have energy, to end everyday with I love you and kisses.

God, make me a better momma. Give me a gentle spirit and a heart to listen to my child. Even when I’m busy, give me joy in each season of motherhood.  

I have thanked God for the blessings of you, how I’ve learned to be a better person through raising you, for the laughter you bring.

Life will break your heart. You will have sickness and tragedy, and someday I’ll leave you, but ultimately, I’ve asked God to work everything that happens in your life for your good, including my failures, praying I’m learning humility and grace fast enough to be the mom I hope you’ll remember.

But mostly, I've prayed for you, ultimately, for God to work all of your life for your good. Click To Tweet

I’ve prayed to watch you grow up, to see you choose faith, a career, to marry, and to hold your babies in my arms.

But there are no guarantees, so I’ll treasure every moment I get and continue to kiss your face and pray while you are sleeping.

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20 thoughts on “What Mom did while you were sleeping . . .

  1. Beautifully written, I do this to my kids every so often!

  2. How sweet is this? I often hear my mom friends say they are so excited to put their kids down for bed, but once they are down, they just miss them the whole time. Love this <3

    1. That is exactly the dilemma!!!

  3. This is beautiful and true of so many of us moms. lots of kisses, photos and prayers. lots of prayers.

  4. This is such a precious post! I love it! Time is going by so quickly and I want it to slow down just a little. But since it can’t happen, I too just pray over them.

    1. Yes! All we can do

  5. This is so beautiful! I have always went in and checked on the kids. Shhhh don’t tell my teen, but I still do it for him too. Thank you for sharing this. <3

    1. My daughter will have to move away and not give me a key to keep me from doing it. 😉

  6. And prayed over you hundreds of times! What a precious memory for you to give to your daughter some day…she will be incredibly blessed.

    1. I hope so. As an older mom, I worry how long I’ll be around and want to leave a trail of love and memories for her.

  7. This is the sweetest thing ever. I’ve done just about all these things and how beautiful will it be for your child to look upon this and know how so loved they are! Beautiful.

    1. Thank you! I hope she enjoys all these posts someday.

  8. This is so sweet! I love this! The moments we treasure that pass by so quick. But its so beautiful that God gives us them as well.

    1. I suppose we wouldn’t treasure them as much if they weren’t so fleeting.

  9. Sweetness. Sleeping children are so touching. Their childhood slips away so fast. I know I wanted to cherish every moment. My kids are grown now and I have 13 grandchildren. I love spending time with them now.

    1. I bet grandmas do some midnight snuggles from time to time too!

  10. Love this! I don’t know how many times I’ve prayed and cried beside my daughter as she sleeps. Thank you for the reminder to cherish every moment with our children!

    1. Goes too fast! She is already such a little person instead of my baby!

  11. How sweet. My husband and I go in to check on our girls every night, too. We adjust covers, smooth hair, remove books and toys….Sometimes I am too tired and worn out from the day to even think about spending one more minute in the same room as them though, even if they ARE finally sleeping and quiet! But I know hubby will always check one last time that they are safe and warm. 🙂

    1. I have days that I’m wiped too, but especially on rough days, I always want a joyful moment to be my last of the day.

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