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Fighting Doubt: A Review of Help My Unbelief and GIVEAWAY

Giveaway!!! Ever felt doubt creep into the corners of your mind? Tried the mental equivalent of plugging your ears? Help My Unbelief can add tools to your faith arsenal.(Last Updated On: April 14, 2016)

Doubt is not something we freely discuss often. Even mature Christians often feel like we are supposed to skim over the doubts and questions, putting on a brave face until they go away.

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Barnabas Piper’s book Help My Unbelief challenges this status quo that DOUBT is a dirty word, instead suggests if we’re honest, doubt is a part of our Christian walk; we have this tension between our faith and flesh that pulls us away from closeness with God at times.

Piper offers ways to embrace doubt as a challenge to grow closer to God, build a deeper relationship with Him, and find solid footing for our faith instead of pretending that we’ve never had any questions at all.

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Have you ever felt doubt, had questions creep into the corners of your mind? Tried the mental equivalent of plugging your ears and singing LA LA LA, I can’t hear you . . . ? Felt like you didn’t know where to go with your questions?

I enthusiastically recommend Help My Unbelief as a book to add tools to your faith arsenal for fighting doubt.

However, I was expecting apologetics, specific arguments defending our faith, so I was initially disappointed Piper does not spend much time offering “proof” that our God is real.

BUT as I read, taking my time with each chapter, searching the scriptures, carefully investigating what he was saying for myself, I realized that he offers instead a journey of finding our own faith, through our testimonies, experiences, scriptures and prayers.

Giveaway!!! Ever felt doubt creep into the corners of your mind? Tried the mental equivalent of plugging your ears? Help My Unbelief can add tools to your faith arsenal.

The strength of this book is the journey each chapter takes us on, of searching our hearts, cleaning up our minds, understanding faith and belief in the context of a perpetually developing relationship with God.

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I walked away from this book with some real truths to cling to when the doubts creep in and new tools in my toolbox to find answers and peace even in the whys? that come with this earthly life.

I lead a small ladies’ study at my church using Help my Unbelief and felt it was a great resource to spur discussion and build fellowship among our group.

Help my Unbelief did have a few weaknesses. I struggled at times to be engaged with it. His writing is easy to read, but this book just missed being a real page turner for me. However, taking my time, reading and studying, was a better way to experience the book with more take-away.

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Piper shared powerful anecdotes, but I would have included more of his personal stories, which were very engaging and helped solidify his points.

Another area that had room for improvement was more of a missed opportunity. Many readers who would pick up this book might not know where to look to find answers in scriptures andย would really benefit from a study or reading guide containing more questions for personal exploration and scriptures to meditate on.

My own teaching notes and discussion questions added to our experience because we got to share our testimonies of times God was clearly present, which is one of the ways Piper recommends growing our faith.

But these are small issues that did not detract from my recommendation of this book.

For anyone seeking answers, Help My Unbelief offers ways to find them for ourselves creating a solid foundation for personal faith, which made it a book I’ve already recommended over and over to friends.

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26 thoughts on “Fighting Doubt: A Review of Help My Unbelief and GIVEAWAY

  1. Great review, fun giveaway, and it sounds like an excellent book too! Thanks for sharing this. I especially enjoy books that spark engaging discussion, so this is something I’ll need to keep in mind!

    1. Make sure to enter! You have a great chance of winning!

  2. I didn’t love this book, so I definitely appreciate your honesty toward the end on where you felt he missed the mark. It’s neat you were able to discuss in a group setting.

    1. I think that my purpose behind reading it may have made it more useful to me because I used it to lead a small group, but I definitely see where he could have done more with the subject.

  3. Great review. I’m definitely interested in checking out this book now. I shared on Twitter too. Hoping more folks get a chance to check it out too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you! It was really worth the read. And if you can win it, even better.

  4. Our experiences can be a very powerful witnessing tool, as long as they are not the only defense we are providing – at least to the skeptic, anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m in agreement that doubt is not a dirty word in our faith. It’s a natural part of our relationship with a living, albeit “unseen” God. And one of my pet peeves in Christendom when others dismiss a brother or sister’s doubt struggle out of hand. As the man said to Jesus,”I believe Lord, help my unbelief!”.

    Great review, fair and balanced. I look forward to more of your posts.

    1. That is exactly the story the entire book is based on! I believe, Lord, help my unbelief. Amen!

  5. I have never heard of this one. It sounds interesting. We all have doubts. It’s good to be able to be open and honest about them. It doesn’t make us less of a Christian.

    1. And as we explore them in seeking God’s answers, we might find them bringing us closer to faith instead of farther away.

  6. I’ve heard lots of great things about this book. ๐Ÿ™‚ I know doubt tries to overtake me much too often. My heart relies on Christ and believes Christ — yet Doubt still tries to overcome.

    1. I think you should enter!!! I feel like the strategies he suggests can deepen anyone’s faith.

  7. sometimes I pray that God would help my doubt and unbelief ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. You should enter the giveaway

  8. Sometimes I feel oppressed by doubts, and even though I know it doesn’t mean I don’t beleive, it is still uncomfortable. I am entering the giveaway.

    1. This book will definitely help you find a richer faith.

  9. This book sounds awesome!!! One that could pertain to ANYONE. Thanks for sharing about it. Lord, help our unrelief

    1. Make sure to enter to win!

  10. Oh wow…I didn’t realize that John Piper’s son is also an author! I am so glad I stumbled upon your post. YES! YES! I think we all struggle with doubt and unbelief…let’s get nitty-gritty honest here. There are times when it is really hard to believe that God is good. Thanks so much for your review. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

    BTW, do you do book reviews? I would love to send you a copy of my women’s bible study.

    1. Sue. I’ve got a copy sitting next to me! I’m working on it! I had lots of family emergencies come up and my reading list all got delayed! I really connected with the beginning so far!

  11. Hey this sounds interesting I’m gonna sign up for fun!

    1. You totally should! I think this book could strengthen the faith of almost anyone!

  12. great review! Sharing on twitter!

    1. Thank you! Make sure to enter!!

  13. I really loved this honest review.

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