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My Aspiring Police Officer: Little Boy Blue

Police Officers have always had my respect, but all I see when I heard the news about the Dallas tragedy is my aspiring police officer: our little boy blue.(Last Updated On: July 8, 2016)

Police Officers have always been respected in our family, but all I see when I look at the tragic news today about the Dallas tragedy is my aspiring police officer: our little boy blue.

We have friends who serve in law enforcement, and I see their sacrifice and service as kindred to my husband’s respected military service.

They work terrible hours to serve people who usually aren’t glad to see them. They risk their lives never knowing for sure whom they have pulled over or how “Stop!” is going to be received. They keep our country from dissolving into chaos by ensuring most of us follow the law of the land.

But the past few days have deeply changed my perspective on the police.

Earlier this week, our middle child (my younger stepson) told me his plan to pursue a career in law enforcement.

And I became that mother.

The one who sees her child in uniform while the world calls him a man.

Probably the same mental image my mother-in-law still has when she sends her baby off to war, a five-year old in camouflage.

Police Officers have always had my respect, but all I see when I heard the news about the Dallas tragedy is my aspiring police officer: our little boy blue.

He has so many gifts and strengths and interests, I encouraged him to keep his options open as he heads off to college in a year. Goals change; majors change; be willing to see where life takes you.

Of course, he knows everything and isn’t willing to concede that he could encounter a life experience that could change his mind.

But I don’t want to discourage his decision so much as make sure he is following the path he is meant to be on. I could very much see him chasing a pod of whales off the coast of California as a marine biologist or charting stars as an astronomer, but law enforcement is a noble profession and suits his personality.

Then Dallas happened.

Police officers were pointlessly shot and killed, presumably by somebody hateful who only saw their white skin and blue uniforms instead of their humanity, instantly turning wives into widows and children into orphans.

I haven’t been able to do more than skim an occasional news article about the coverage. My heart is breaking too much for their families.

Via Facebook, I watch my friend worrying about her Texas police officer husband, assuring us he is safe. I see my sister in Christ who married a state trooper in Indiana grieving with those families in Texas. My friend in New York is sending her husband off for his next shift today as their baby turns one.

A former student is an Illinois state trooper, who just spent his vacation in Haiti building a school. He stored up the precious memories of these children, who have a different skin color and language, but all he saw was their need for love and a safe education.

He made friends with a precious little girl through their shared burn scars. He was burned in a terrible accident while on duty a few years ago. He couldn’t know her story, but she held his hand and smiled, no longer alone with her scars.

These aren’t police uniforms. They are people, and the ones I know are all good, Godly men who take protect and serve beyond the blue because their service starts at the cross.

I see all these men, and they are all their mothers’ little boys in blue.

I don’t know if my stepson will maintain this as his career choice as life takes him on his unique journey (he is just 17), but I know part of me will always see the little boy I’ve helped raise as my little boy blue no matter how long he wears that uniform.

These aren't uniforms, they are people. We need to see beyond white, black, or blue. Click To Tweet

The contradiction in my heart is overpowering. I am so proud of the sacrifice and service he is willfully choosing, but my stomach drops when I see the growing disrespect for police officers.

I see the way various leaders seek to divide us by white, black, blue.

I see the way we’ve turned so far away from God.

But I can’t be afraid, I have to bring my fears and hopes for my stepson, our police, this nation, and for humanity to God.

And pray God gives us the supernatural ability to see each other as He does, souls needing grace and Jesus, people deserving kindness and respect.

#PrayingforDallas and for God to open our hearts and eyes to the humanity within us all. Click To Tweet

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31 thoughts on “My Aspiring Police Officer: Little Boy Blue

  1. Wonderful! My boys are still so little but oh my goodness I can only imagine how scary it’ll be when they are older and discussing their futures.

    My father and brother were/are cops. It’s often a thankless job and very dangerous. It sickens me to see the horrors that some cops are committing just as it sickens me to see the cops getting shot in the line of duty paying for the sins of some of the other bad seeds.

    Things need to change but I don’t have the answer. Great post and it gave me a lot to think about. Thanks!

    1. I don’t have any answer beyond Jesus.

  2. My son wants to be a police officer when he grows up, too. He’s still a long way at seven years old from actually making that his profession, but it scares me as well. It’s seen as such an admirable profession by some, and such a hated one by others. At times like these when the darkness seems to overtake us, it can be difficult to remember that it has already been conquered by Christ.

  3. I am definitely praying with you!

  4. Such a heartbreaking time. I was in shock that anything like this could hit so close to home. Getting by with lots of prayer.

    1. It really was sad and continues to break my heart

  5. Hasn’t it just been a heartbreaking week? Each policeman is so much more — new husbands, fathers, soon-to-be-retired. I’m trying to be faithful to pray for each family. Yet at the same time, pray for all those who wear the uniform.

    1. And the people they serve. It is a good place to start

  6. It hits so close to home since we live in Dallas and my hubs is in Law enforcement. Thanks for this post.

    1. Thank him for his service!

  7. I’ve been saddened this whole week about the deaths in LA, MN, and TX. I’ve seen a quote that not all black people are thugs, not all whites are racist, not all Mexicans are illegal, and not all police officers are bad. My prayer is that the walls of racism will be crumbled. That justice will be given to those of ALL color/nationality. Most of all the hearts will be turned to Jesus Christ.

    1. He is really our only hope.

  8. Great blog my friend and sister in Christ. Praying for all police officers. All Lives Matter. Praying for all of the police officers who were killed family and friends as they mourn the loss of their loved ones. God bless you and your family.

    1. Thank you! I am holding tightly to the promise that all lives matter to God. I hope that the tragedies of recent days will turn our faces to Him again.

  9. What you said is so powerful!

    “But I can’t be afraid, I have to bring my fears and hopes for my stepson, our police, this nation, and for humanity to God.

    And pray God gives us the supernatural ability to see each other as He does, souls needing grace and Jesus, people deserving kindness and respect.”

    We cannot be afraid and we have to keep praying because there are so many souls that need grace and Jesus!

  10. Life is full of hardships and heartaches, but it is good to know that God sees it all, knows it all and is still on the throne. Praying for the healing of hearts… May we choose to love as He loves us…

    1. Exactly and Amen

  11. What a horrific week it has been for America. My children’s father- who is a police officer- doesn’t want any of his children to follow in his footsteps. It’s a sad scary time.

    1. My husband doesn’t want his children to join the military. And this is difficult time to be law enforcement. Praying for your officer tonight.

  12. Praying for all who have been affected by the tragic events of this week.

  13. I dont think people realze how mich officers sacrifice for us and their families. Every day is a battle feild for them.

  14. Beautiful post. I never looked at police officers in that way- a mother’s little boy blue. It’s a great way to remind yourself who’s behind the uniform. It’s so sad what happened… But all we can do is trust that God has a plan. And God will have a plan for your step son, no matter what he ends up persuing.

    1. I know God has him in His hands. I just wish he’d give me a sneak preview.

      1. We can understand your feelings Jennifer. Life is so hard and full of hurdles. Sometimes when you’re given hurdles, it makes you more creative in the end.

  15. I have been sadden all week not just last night. My family believes that eveyone God created life is important. Since Wednesday every night my husband and I have spoken about a tragic unnecessary loss. Once I heard about the Policemen I literally cried put loud. I am confused, devastated, and digusted. I am afraid for my two younger brothers, husband and even my father could be at harm. My husband is a Godly man and father of 3 girls, what if it was him? I am afraid for my good friends and neighbor who protects and serves every day. Men and women I respect and have admiration for putting their lives on the line. Today I chose to pray for a nation and all of the victims this week. All I can do is trust in God’s plan.

    1. It is the best place to start healing all the brokenness of the world.

  16. Praying for all the police – we should be

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