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When We are Weary

When We Are Weary - Are you weary, momma? My weary is weary. Does God have purpose in my weary? How do I survive this weary and find His rest?(Last Updated On: April 19, 2016)

Are you weary, momma? I’m so weary my weary is weary. I can’t even think in complete sentences. Sinus pressure headaches create caveman speak inside my head, “Need coffee. Feed tiny human.”

Even my daily scripture app knows how exhausted I am, presenting me with this gem the other day.

Proverbs 30:1b “. . . I am weary, O God; I am weary, O God, and worn out.”

What is your weary?

A teething baby, a health crisis, a rebellious teen, a sick pet, an artistic toddler with a preference for your walls as canvases, financial worries?

When we are WEARY, we wear down, we wear out.

I get sick faster. I get emotional more quickly. I don’t cope with life well.

My parenting and marriage suffer when being busy and tired becomes being weary. Click To Tweet

I’m emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted after the busiest, hardest couple of weeks in a long time.

I came home Friday afternoon finally ready to withdraw, get some solid quiet time between me and God and start tackling my to do list, only to be stricken by intense nausea.

When We Are Weary - Are you weary, momma? My weary is weary. Does God have purpose in my weary? How do I survive this weary and find His rest?

I lay on the couch, willing myself not to be sick, and just sobbed.

I was really struggling that moment with an overwhelming need to demand, “WHEN? just when is it MY turn, God?!?!”

When can I just have the mental energy I need to get myself together?

When we are weary, we wear down. What can we do to heal WEARY? Click To Tweet

I heard God answer, not today, maybe not tomorrow. I’m not giving you what you want or even what you think you need, I promised to give you what you need.


Matthew 6:8 ESV .  .  .  your Father knows what you need before you ask him.

What I need to do what?

To be refined and purified for My Kingdom, to serve others, and to be prepared for what comes next.

Oh, not for my sanity or emotional well-being. He is giving me what I need to GROW UP in Him.


At this point, I really want to stomp my feet and slam a door, but I pause. God isn’t punishing me, He is giving me riches.

Philippians 4:19 ESV  “And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

I may not understand today, but I can trust this weary is purposeful because nothing is wasted when I turn my loose ends over to Him. He is building wisdom and strength in me, and a need for Him through this current weary.

When I hand God my loose ends, nothing is wasted. He's building wisdom, strength and a need for Him in my weary. Click To Tweet
Matthew 11:28 ESV  Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Sometimes, when I’m tired and frustrated, I prefer to throw myself a little pity party. I just want to wallow in being miserable.

But when I set my stubborn aside,

I’ll find rest when I come to Him.

  1. Pray: for His perspective in this moment and strength to get through this moment until I can rest.
  2. Be Still. Let Him be God. Listen for His instruction to separate my actual responsibilities from the weights I’ve put on myself.
  3. Open my Bible. Lots of good encouragement in there, plus it’s really hard to focus on my weary in comparison to the stories of the Bible.
  4. Triage. What is God’s greatest calling right now? Do that, then the next thing. Don’t worry about seven steps from now, prioritize. Being a loving wife and mother is WAY more important than cleaning house or making a gourmet meal.

After a weekend of being too sick to move, I chose the things that MUST be done, what I’d like to get done, and wrote down the rest. Writing things down relieves mental anxiety and stress, cutting down my weary.


  1. Schedule rest. I know I don’t have a lot of spoons everyday. I have an intensely weak immune system and horrible allergies. Pretending I have more spoons, will rob me of tomorrow’s spoons. I must build rest into our schedule.
  2. Find what re-energizes you. Take time to do those things.
Rest - not at the expense of the mom you want to be, but SO you can be the mom you want to be. Click To Tweet

When we’re exhausted, we lose sight of the truth: God gives us what we need to grow in Him. We’ll get tired. But let us not grow weary of doing good.

Galatians 6:9 ESV  And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.

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36 thoughts on “When We are Weary

  1. What a great, inspiring post! Keep up the awesome work! Malibu Mama Loves Xx

  2. Hey Jennifer,

    I love your honesty, and how you cling to Christ in the midst of the storms. Your story reminds me of my own, as Jenny and I are both right there with you. We have our weary days, and our family is clinging to Christ in the midst of the new storms that life is continually throwing our way. Slowly but surely we are learning to take care of ourselves, support each other, and continually cling to Him, on the journey.

    Thank you for the words of encouragement and reminder to keep pressing forward in doing good. Wishing you and your family a blessed and restful week.
    Jed recently posted…How to Keep Love Strong All Year LongMy Profile

    1. Thank you for such kind encouragement. It is going to be busy but I know to take rest when I can, and that busy and tired reminds me to need Him. I don’t think it’s supposed to get easier. Satan’s doing his level best to destroy the good work God has in me. Not gonna let him.

  3. Reading this while at work, wondering if I can make it through the day because I am so tired and sick. Have nursery duty at church tonight and plenty of “to-do’s”. I know I need to rest and have been for a week, I have reached my limit with this sickness. I found your words encouraging today and needed. Thank you for being human, sharing, and pointing us back to God. I will pray for you today.

    1. And I you! I still am fighting this mystery illness and still have a to do list stretching like taffy in front of me. If you can take something off your to-do’s I would. If you’re sick, you might call church and see about not doing nursery duty. It isn’t just protecting you, but everyone else’s health as well. Take a knee. God put this reminder in your path for a reason.

  4. REST! So important. It makes me a better wife, mother and human being in general. 🙂

    1. Yes! That and coffee

  5. Oh what a great post. My body has been shutting down on me yet I feel like I had a vitamin boost reading this. I’m bundling up my loose ends and giving them to God.

    1. That is great! It is such an encouragement to me when something I needed helps someone else too.

  6. Rest really is SO important. When we rest well, we can work better. My Periscope book club is doing Teaching from Rest next month and I can’t wait!

    1. That sounds like a good book! I’ll have to add that to my list.

  7. Oh yes, mama, I know that weary. I have been learning that when I hit the limit, it makes me refigure my priorities, I can strip away the extra and lean more into the Spirit to strengthen me – and He always does.

    1. Oh yes! My house isn’t as clean but our home is much happier.

  8. Great reminder… and when I am overwhelmed, exhausted and weary – I must be still and then schedule rest and quiet time. I also must do something enjoyable n the weekend and get some fresh air! Thanks for your insight!

    1. Fresh air is good! Sunshine and a walk can improve any mood.

  9. Amen! Weariness is part of God’s plan for us so we can recognize that He alone can give us strength and all we need to do is be faithful in coming to Him everyday before our day starts. He wants to give us rest through a constant fellowship with Him. Yes, it takes prayers. Thanks for the reminders sister!

    1. Yes, I need so many reminders to need Him first.

  10. I love your suggestions. Pray, rest, read the bible, know that He is God. I have to often remind myself of all these things.

    1. Thanks! And aren’t those really the answers to everything?

  11. Yes!! LOVE the line my weary is weary! I have been there, and in those times Matthew 11:28 speaks to my heart and soul! Love this!

    1. Thanks! I’ve heard the Matthew 11:28 verse so many times, but this weekend I heard the “come to Me!” More clearly and realized that the rest can only come when we seek Him.

  12. Galatians 6:9. IN DUE TIME we will reap the harvest if we don’t grow weary. Thanks for these truths you shared. So grateful He sees my weariness and meets me right where I am

    1. Love it! Yes, it is hard sometimes to remember the harvest doesn’t have a time limit, but He is always faithful. Waiting for the reaping with you!

  13. He wants us to give Him our stuff – so we could have His peace

  14. Well, I’m not a Mama…but I certainly know about having weary…weary. My current weary has been over finances. Lord have mercy, I’m so sick of a tight budget. But what you said about God not punishing me, but giving me riches, spoke VOLUMES to my soul. That’s some good stuff right there.

    Thanks for sharing and for commenting on my blog. I’ll be back, as long as you promise not to take my Man Card.

    1. I tend to write for women because I speak to that experience more clearly but you are gladly welcome! A man’s perspective is good! Check out my post about Divorcing Him for dishes by the sink!

  15. I’m so sorry you’ve been feeling so weary and exhausted lately. It can be hard to function and take care of the things we need to when we so desperately need to decompress and center ourselves. I hope you find peace (and rest) soon.
    Holly @ Woman Tribune recently posted…Raising Awareness of Human Trafficking in Today’s WorldMy Profile

    1. Thanks! I just get sick a lot. Always have, but parenting adds a new difficulty level to being tired. I have to learn I can’t be all things to all people and just be the right things to the right people.

  16. It’s true it affects our parenting and marriage. So encouraging. Thank you

    1. If we don’t triage well, we can’t do anything else well.

  17. Great reminder! I chose to sit still and relish in the warm sun shining through my window while I listened for God’s nudging ( and rested my eyes!)…weary is rough but God knew we would get there and He is there for us during that time!

    1. Sounds lovely. No sunshine today. Today I am resting in between have to household and writing tasks to do homeschooling and hold onto these sweet moments with my kiddo.

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